minor tom

#minortom is a minimal psychedelic group with a continuously changing line up playing music for the inner-space age
created by me: hilary j e f f e r y (#hiljef)

the project exists since 2005, having had the name “Lysn” (pronounced “listen”) for the first 15 years, it slowly transformed into “Minor Tom” between 2018 and 2021…

the ensemble has played worldwide (and beyond) with many formations, from duos to large orchestral ensembles – each concert is conceived as a unique event, especially designed for the location and players, with music made through new notation, meditation and improvisation, played on acoustic and electronic instruments

musical influences include:

Daevid Allen, Eliane Radigue, John Hassel, Don Cherry, Spacemen 3, Gong, Olivier Messiaen, Matmos, Can, The Leather Nun, George Russell, Sun Ra, Public Image Limited, Catherine Christer Hennix, Nurse With Wound, Cluster, Angelo Badalamenti, Velvet Undergound, Slug, The Necks and Igor Wakevitch

memorable concerts:

You Are Invited To Lysn

the official inauguration of the group by #hiljef & #germseed (alice k e m p)
Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England – 5 April 2005

[AUDIO] You Are Invited To Lysn


OT301, Amsterdam – 1 December 2006

[AUDIO] Sunflood – Intro

Eulipion Mood Swing” + “Jupiter Dream

Pro-Cathedral, Bristol – 15 September 2007

[AUDIO] Eulipion Mood Swing

[AUDIO] Jupiter Dream

“Katendrecht Spacepoort”

De Player, Rotterdam – 22 March 2008

[AUDIO] Vortex

Glysn Drone Lesson

part of Daevid Allen’s University of Errors symposium!

Auxxx Alchemistic Cabaret, OT301, Amsterdam – 2 May 2008

[AUDIO] Glysn Drone Lesson


studio session (Berlin) – September 2008

[AUDIO] Love Light

Murmansk Spaceport

Dark Ecology journey, Murmansk, Russia – November 2015

[AUDIO] Jupiter Tuning